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Become a Partner in Providing Foot Care Clinics

Offering reliable, safe nursing foot care services to your seniors adds tremendous value to your facility at no cost to you. Foot care nurses have grown to providing services in senior facilities, pharmacies, community centers and physician offices.

My foot care clinics consist of a 30 minute, private pay service which includes trimming, thinning and filing of the toenails; corn and callus reduction. As well as advice on general foot/skin care maintenance. I will be happy to field patient questions, schedule all services as well as provide reminder calls. My efficient process removes the burden of responsibility from you and your facility.

As a nurse advocating for the advancement of foot health, I am delighted to deliver on-site foot care clinics to your residents and members. All services are provided by a licensed, insured foot care nurse.

Important Facts to Know:

  • I can field all inquiries related to my services, schedule all patients and provide reminder calls for all appointments.
  • I am licensed and insured within the states where I practice.
  • Payment for services is due at time of service.
  • I do not invoice patients.
  • I do not bill Medicare or any insurance company.

These practices allow me to keep my prices reasonable, avoid billing/payment confusion, and eliminates ANY issues for your staff regarding payments. I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions.

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge.

My current locations are:

*Reynoldsburg Senior center

*Westerville Senior Center

*Gahanna Senior Center

*Blendon Senior Center

*Mt. Gilead Senior Center

*Whitehall Senior Center

****Contact me if you would like to set up a home visit, we can discuss rates depending on travel time.****